Children's Cancer House


Submit your questions to and we will answer to you and may exhibit it on our FAQ list:

  • Q: Does my child have to had a battle with cancer to be recruited into your Program?A: No, the child could have any life-threatening illness (not including cancer) or traumatic event over the past 18 months to be eligible. 
  • Q: Will my transportation to the Children’s Healing House For The Arts  events be covered?A: Yes, all invitees will experience an all expense paid journey to one our partner sites with your friends. You won’t have to pay for anything and we will provide for your meals. We will also visit with you at home or in hospitals with pleasure.
  • Q: Does my child have to have a seasoned gift in the Arts in order to apply?A: No, but if so we strongly encourage your child to apply for am individualized day visit.  Please call our hotline 1-844-217-2333 so we may meet you and the child. Just having a simple interest, being a beginning student or just having a passion for any category of the arts will suffice.
  • Q: Where exactly are the House or facilities?A: We create private moments with many public partners. However, the residences we use are privately owned family homes…of people willing to give of their homes. For the security and privacy of the children and families that we care about so much – we will only privately disclose the addresses.  
  • Q: If it is determined that my child has special gift in the arts will you help us develop it and showcase it before your week long event?A: Certainly, many Children we will be helping develop their craft on a yearly basis. We have an exhaustive list of persons in each category of the arts to help our children do the amazing things that are inside of them.
  • Q: If my child gets sick while with you what do we do?A: We will have a designated physician staff on call and a nurse always on site and the contacts of the respective hospitals or clinics your child is affiliated with on hand. 
  • Q: What does my child need to bring?A: We will send each family a personal checklist of items upon acceptance for major camps but nothing for private individualized visits.
  • Q: Should I have any concerns about the safety of my child, how secure is your facility?A: No, our partner facilities are extremely safe, secluded and private. 
  • Q: What is the dress attire for camp days and for the final gala night?A: For group camp days we will provide short and long-sleeve T-shirts. Our gala night is a special night and with our help we are hoping the families and children dress formal to semi-formal. More specifics will be given upon acceptance.