Children's Cancer House

Interesting Facts

  • 1. In 2012, a Swedish doctor did a study and found that even with acute illnesses children that were allowed to go outside for specific activities; mother nature healed them on the inside three times as fast as children who were kept indoors.
  • 2. A study in 2013 showed that over the last thirty years more children than ever are surviving cancer largely because of innovations in medicine combined with the growth of inspiring support organizations like the Children Healing House For The Arts.
  • 3. In the U.S. an average of 40,000 children per state are victims of child abuse or neglect.
  • 4. In 2012, the American Humane Society used all of its’ current information with Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) and received a grant to do a three year study on the obvious healing and positive social changes of sick children using Animal Assisted Therapy.
  • 5. By the age of 15, more than 25% of children in the United States will have experienced some form of significant trauma and often it is repeated trauma that goes unaddressed.
  • 6. Over 10,000 families per year will have a child fighting cancer and will experience economic hardship and then not be able to afford their bills or a simple family vacation.
  • 7. In 2011, a study was done that concluded that nature bonds family and friends.
  • 8. Children that live in poverty are 50% more likely to experience a specific traumatic event than children who are not.
  • 9. An informal study at a Children’s Hospital on what makes a child with cancer feel better concluded that animals and a colorful environment ranked highest on their list.
  • 10. In our Creative Director’s ten years of being a volunteer caretaker to children who are ill says when asking a child what he can do to make them feel better… the #1 thing he hears is, “Can you tell me a story?”