Children's Cancer House

Is For The Children

sydnyOur work at our various location and partner sites for the Children’s Healing House For the Arts revitalizes children ages 5 to 17 facing cancer, any life threatening disease or traumatic illness within the past 2 years by transforming them through companionship, a family’s love, spiritual aspects of nature and their own individualized talents in fine arts and creative expression.  We are looking to help children develop their talents and gifts via private lessons (free of any charge) on a long-term basis from all over the country. Our focus for 2018 will be on the tri-state area of Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana. We are looking to partner with more families around the country willing to give of their homes and find special partner places to make an impact on children with grave illnesses.

Throughout the year families can bring their children for private individualized day visits to one of our homes, any upcoming seminars, holiday events, yearly celebrations, artistic entertaining and therapeutic visits from us to your child at home or in the Hospital.

Our expected 2018 event will be held at year’s end and host up to two legal guardians and one sibling for selected families. These individuals may be receiving treatment or be in remission for no longer than one calendar year. Children with talent in the arts (music, dance, sculpture, painting, drama, etc…) are encouraged to apply and will be recruited. Miracle is an all expense paid retreat held Wednesday through Sunday on the grounds of one of our facilities and its various nature and conservancy partners. Here we will also prepare for our year end production. Each child must acquire two written authorizations , one from his or her attending physician and one other healthcare provider (i.e: nurse, therapist, etc.) and each legal guardian must sign all applications, consent forms and guidelines as they relate to the participation of the child and family in all activities of the Children’s Healing House For the Arts programming. All medical and specialized needs if any for Miracle week or individualized visits must be disclosed within the materials provided for acceptance. All families are welcome regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, religion or financial status.