Children's Cancer House

The Mission

boy2We believe that one loving family can help heal another and that developing a child’s gifts will make room for our lives!

The Children’s Healing House For the Arts is a small family charity that intends to foster one of a kind family created sanctuaries whereby families with children with grave illness, cancer or mental trauma find moments of respite and experience dream fulfillment and self discovery through a family’s love, God, nature and developing their extreme gifts via private lessons in creative expression, the visual and performing arts. We are a private boutique charitable family-to-family organization that partners with partner sites and other families willing to give of their home to offer private places for day or night camps that offer spiritual healing through individualized camp activities in the fine arts for ailing children and their families. We intend to develop the artistic gifts of children on a long-term basis.

Children and families are always chauffeured to and from our private or partner day-camp sites and usually arrive for day or night visits whereby we design an individualized plan specific to that child and their family’s needs. A child can also attend any or our holiday events, yearly celebrations, parties or get artistic entertaining and spiritually therapeutic visits from us to your child at your home or in the Hospital.

In Wisconsin, as an example, our privately owned facilities and partner sites are secluded, safe, scenic–beautiful multi-acred properties located on the country borders of Washington, Ozaukee and Okauchee County – places of respite, retreat and revival. Places where we can grow the talents, artistic skills and inspiration of children beneficial to continuing their lives.

In 2020, as it comes to a close, the Children’s Healing House For the Arts plans to develop a production culminating in a gala display of the children, their stories and their talents.

Children ages 5 to 17 not only facing cancer, but any grave illness or trauma will be recruited and invited to attend and be rewarded for bravely fighting for their lives with opportunities to celebrate with first class entertainment and healing moments, individualized to each child’s dreams and talents. Our especially gifted and talented children will be given in advance an opportunity to develop their talents through music, drama, written or spoken word well in advance and showcase them at a documentary-play production presented to the public and our benefactors.

We intend to encourage and renew hope, one cell at a time.